The business of Thai Alcohol Public Company Limited is in production and distribution of alcohol since 1989. The Company received BOI promotion to produce pure alcohol or fuel from agricultural products (ethanol 99.5%) in 2004. The Company maintains the principle of quality and high efficiency of production, inclusive of care in the responsibility to the society. The alcohol production process of the Company uses rice husk as fuel in the production of steam in the fermentation process, distillation and generator set power and this help keeping the cost of alcohol production at a cheaper rate than other fuels. The Company further generates its own electricity by using steam to power the generator sets and thus providing electricity in the production process cheaper than using electricity supplied by the Provincial Electric Authority. The Company began exporting alcohol in April 1990, and continually develops its products which include Raw Alcohol 95 %, Ethyl Alcohol 95 % (ENA) with a total capacity of 400,000 liter/day, and dewatering of Alcohol 95 % into Ethanol 99.5 % (ENA), with a daily production capacity of 200,000 liters, Ethyl Acetate 3,000 tons/year and Acetic Acid 7,400 tons/year.

The Company’s products are distributed locally and exported. The Company sells Ethanol 99.5% locally to oil companies such as Petroleum Authority of Thailand Public Co., Ltd., Bang Chak Petroleum Public Co., Ltd., Thai Oil Public Co., Ltd., Shell Thailand Co., Ltd., Esso (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd., and Star Petroleum Co., Ltd. for blending with Benzene to produce Gasohol, and sells raw alcohol 95% to produce solid alcohol, mosquito repellant candles, machine cleaning solution to Union Chemical Co., Ltd. for export markets. The Company sells raw alcohol 95% to Japanese customers including Mitsui, Mitsubishi, Cargill and Itochu for their manufacturing of medicines, cosmetics and drinks.

Thai Alcohol Public Company Limited aims to be the leader in the manufacturing of international standard Ethyl Alcohol and down stream products from Ethyl Alcohol, by prescribing systematic production processes and developing them constantly up to date, and also promote every employee to have a share in maintaining standard quality of ISO 9001:2000.

1. Raw Alcohol 95%
Production capacity  200,000 l/day
2. Ethyl Alcohol 95% (ENA)
Production capacity  200,000 l/day
3. Ethanol 99.5%
Production capacity  200,000 l/day (Bringing Alcohol 95% or Ethyl alcohol 95% (ENA) 210,000 l/day to produce Ethanol 95.5%)
4. Ethyl Acetate
Production capacity  3,000 tons/year
5. Acetic Acid
Production capacity  7,400 tons/year

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