Lastica Company Limited is in the business of primary rubber processing industry, by producing and exporting block rubbers STR 20, using cup lumps and raw rubber sheets as raw materials in production. Presently the Company’s factory has a capacity of approximately 30,000 tons of block rubbers per year. The Company is at Pluak Daeng District, Rayong Province, in an area of 54 Rai. The area is known as a high potential area for block rubber processing for local consumption and exports. It is value added to the raw natural rubber of Companies in the Group, which own rubber planting area of over 45,000 Rai, including the ability to tap raw material in nearby areas. Rayong Province is in the region where the supply of natural rubber is the highest next to the South. It is the center of the Industrial Estates, and also a communication line for export to China, Europe and America through the Sea Port of Laem Chabang, which is a strategic point in the transportation of Company’s products for export to other countries. Further, block rubber STR 20 can be used as raw material in many down stream production of goods such as vehicle tyres, rubber bands, shoes under, etc.

The vision of the Company is to be the first major Thai Company to produce and distribute overall rubber products in Thailand, applying international standards in the sourcing of raw materials, processing and distribution to customers, to increase value added to natural rubber of Thai rubber plantations.

The Company also maintains business policies on awareness of effect and safety to the environment. The Company installed a circulated water treatment system by which the treated water is recycled into the production process without releasing water out of the factory area. As for the rubber smell from the production process, the Company uses artificial rain smell trapping device in which water is continuously sprayed in the smell trapping device, which is the best technology in Thailand. The company therefore does not cause any pollution to people around the factory, but help in raising quality of life of rubber planters, promotion of employment and income to the local communities. The company also promotes activities of the Sub-district and help in developing local communities for better living such as development of schools, temples, public health centers, etc.

The Company has made researches and developed block rubber production process to raise quality and reduce costs for competitiveness in the market and also made researches and developed block rubber product to increase value added to the block rubber by manufacturing vehicle tyres.

Production of block rubbers STR 20, using cup lumps and raw rubber sheets as raw materials. The Company plans to use China as the export market for block rubbers STR 20, since China has high rates of economic growth and demand of natural rubber, and also seeking other countries with high demand or natural rubber such as Korea, Japan, U.S.A. and India. Further the Company targets the local market for its products. In order to increase value added to the natural rubber in Thailand and enable local people and Thailand to receive better returns, the Company therefore sets a sale plan of 30% in the local market and 70% foreign markets, selling both through traders and directly to down stream industries.

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