Terragro Bio-Tech Company Limited is in the business of production and distribution of microorganism products of “F” family which received “Q” Standard from Land Development Department, Ministry of Agriculture and Co-operatives, that the product is of high quality and trusted by the agri-business group, both the public and private sectors. Presently the microorganism production factory is situated at Sam Phran District, Nakhon Pathom Province.

Within the factory there is a building which houses a catalyst production unit for production of standardized and quality catalyst and microorganism to meet the demand of consumers. There are also fertilizer warehouse and fertilizer drying yard for keeping raw materials for future production of organic fertilizers and for storing of various products of the Company. There is a wide space sufficient to support increased production of the Company. There are also buildings for drying catalyst and for employees to take rest, being a benefit provided to Company’s employees.

The Company’s vision is to be the leader in microorganism products of high quality and standard, to the highest satisfaction of customers, including promotion of organic fertilizers production from microorganism by creating good relationship with the public and the private sectors, stressing on using organic substances to replace agricultural chemicals in order to conserve the environment and restore richness of the soil resource, which is the basic factor of every branch of agriculture, for safety to producers and consumers.

The Company has also a laboratory for product research and development which can be applied to various uses both in agriculture and the environment, for competitiveness with other products in the market.

“F” family microorganism consisting of:
1. Concentrated organic fertilizer “F-60” characteristics :

concentrate used in decomposition of organic waste for fast production of organic fertilizer,
  2. Concentrated liquid organic fertilizer “F-60-1” characteristics :

concentrate used in decomposition of wastes from vegetable, plant, fish, or organic materials, to be used as concentrated liquid organic fertilizer for plant supplement through soil or leaves,

3. Microorganism for decomposition of wastes “F-72” and “Super T” characteristics :

for decomposition of wastes, reduction of smell in sanitary wares, waste water treatment systems and animal farms,

  4. Microorganism for control of plant diseases “F-84” characteristics :

microorganism with characteristics for stopping growth of fungi causing plant diseases such as root rot and foot rot,
  5. Microorganism for decomposition or shrimp ponds “F-96” :

for decomposition of various organics, treatment of water, control pH of water, reduction of gas and smell of deposits at bottom of ponds.

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