Terragro Technology Co., Ltd. is in the business of providing an Overall Crop Management services, by effective application of modern technology and practices to agricultural operation of Plantheon Group as well as customers outside the groups. Services includes survey works to evaluate land potentials, application of technological irrigation system to calculate efficient uses of water and fertilizers for crops, control of plant diseases and insects by Integrated Pest Management (IPM), examination, analysis and measurement of quantity of food elements in soil, water, fertilizers and leaves.

Company’s products and services include application of modern technology and methods appropriate to planting conditions, aiming at reduction of production cost per unit and obtaining customized product quality.

1. Geographical survey and basic information services

  • Provision of services and advice on geographic survey such as cadastral survey, aerial survey, satellite photography, inclusive of mapping.
  • Provision of services and advice on site planning, soil management, soil and water conservation, and socio-economic works, for planning and guidance in project development.
  • Provision of design services, Geographic Information System (GIS) and Management Information System (MIS).

    2. Irrigation and plant food elements services

  • Advice on irrigation equipment, supplied to end user customers and project customers, with correct and appropriate applications,
  • Installation of assigned and scheduled irrigation system, inclusive of design adjustment or equipment modification at job site to suite each location,
  • Setting standards in irrigation design for quality, ease and speed, and also training on new techniques for continuous skill development,
  • Provision of services and advice on irrigation management, aiming at maximum efficiency.

    3. Plant protection services

  • Provision of advice to customers on plant information, plant enemies, and methods to prevent and eradicate plant enemies,
  • Production and distribution to customers of Bio Agents for prevention and eradication of plant enemies,
  • Performing research, analysis and test on various products produced by the Company, both in the laboratory and in field works,
  • Offering training to Company’s staff and customers on Integrated Pest Management for each crop.

    4. Examination, analysis and measurement services of food elements in soil, water, fertilizers and plant leaves

  • Examination analysis and measurement of food elements in soil, water, fertilizers and plant leaves in support of planning and management of planting systems for maximum efficiency of crop production.

    5. Agricultural land development services

  • Provision of advice on total crop management information, through application of modern technology and equipment and mixed crops administration, and transfer of agricultural knowledge and technology to agriculturists,
  • Study and test various products manufactured by the Company in field works to test effectiveness of their application.

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