Terragro Co., Ltd. is a Company in the Plantheon Group which is in the business of agro-industry. The Plantheon Group is doing business in industrial plants pertaining to agricultural products such as pineapple processing factory, sweet maize processing factory, tomato processing factory, sugar mill, natural and chemical fertilizers factory, ethanol factory and natural rubber processing factory.

Terragro Co., Ltd. is established to do business in agricultural development by growing economic crops, to supply raw materials to agricultural processing industrial factories within the Group, by introduction of suitable modern technology and knowledge application such as mechanized farming system, irrigation system (on-ground water drop system, underground water drop system, center pivot system, furrow system, etc.) with the intention to develop increasing yield per rai, maximize uses of land, and provide examples to agriculturists in increasing agricultural productivity. Terragro Co., Ltd. further stresses on promotion of agriculturists to join the Company by supporting agricultural technology, knowledge, and purchase of agricultural products to supply processing plants of Plantheon Group.

Presently Terragro Co., Ltd. owns land for modern agriculture more than 100,000 rai all over the country, with an aim to grow economic crops such as natural rubber on 50,000 rai, sugarcane on 20,000 rai, paddy 15,000 rai, Sainamphueng Orange 3,500 rai , and other economic crops such as oil palm, Eucalyptus, and teak over 10,000 rai. At present over 50,000 rai are under cultivation, including experimental beds for growing tapioca with water drop system, for raw material in the future ethanol industry.

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