Ag-Well Co., Ltd. is in the business of planting and maintenance of Sainamphueng orange orchard of over 3,000 Rai in area, in Mae Chan District, Chiang Rai Province. Since the topology of the area is appropriate, the orange orchard of the Company, known also by another name of Doi Kaeo Orange Orchard produces very tasty Sainamphueng oranges. Besides, the care and maintenance of the orange orchard by experienced experts enable Doi Kaeo Orange Orchard to produce high quality oranges. Further the landscape of Doi Kaeo Orange Orchard is quite beautiful because the orange orchard is in a hilly area, consisting of 9 undulating hills, one after another, and a part of the land is adjunction to the Chiang Saen Lake.

Doi Kaeo Orange Orchard

  • It is a large orchard, producing high quality oranges, save for consumption, and is environmental friendly,
  • It has developed its quality to the leading standard of Thai orange orchards,
  • It is the leader in the management of oranges up to the standards, tasty, to the satisfaction of customers, and is attentive to the environment.

  • Good taste oranges, safe for consumption,
  • Grown with love, graded with care, and every fruit is tasty,
  • Every Doi Kaeo orange has good quality,
  • Doi Kaeo oranges are grown on mountains with the best environment; all of them are tasty,
  • Sweet oranges, tasty, grown on beautiful mountains, clear water, in the area of natural mineral water,
  • Doi Kaeo oranges are grown on mountains, in the area of natural mineral water resource, and pure air.

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