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Terragro Fertilizer Company Limited is in the business of production and distribution of chemical fertilizers, such as compound fertilizers and N, P and K high quality fertilizers, for consumption in the Agricultural Group and outsiders, both in the public and private sector. The present plant capacity is 250,000 tons/year of chemical fertilizers, and the production capacity can be increased to 1,000,000 tons/year, situated at Nakhon Luang District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province, in an area of about 150 rai. The location is considered as a strategic location for transportation of the Company’s products, since the Company is near a large port which can accommodate unloading of raw materials imported from standard sources abroad, and convenient for loading Company’s products to the market abroad.

Besides, within the factory complex, there are warehouses for storing raw materials for chemical fertilizer production, and warehouses for storing chemical fertilizers, large enough to support further expansion of the Company in the future. Inside the factory, modern and efficient machines are installed to produce various formulae of chemical fertilizers to meet the wide demand of the market, soil conditions and plant requirements, aiming at increasing production and quality of all types of plants, as well as to increase security on production factors of the agricultural sector and the Thai agriculturists.

Granule fertilizers 7 formulae :

1. Granule fertilizers, 2 rice field formulae : 16-20-0 and 16-8-8
2. Granule fertilizers, 5 general formulae : 15-15-15, 13-13-21, 18-4-3, 15-7-18, and 12-9-21

Primary fertilizers 4 formulae :

1. Primary fertilizer, 1 rice field formula : UREA 46-0-0
2. Primary fertilizers 3 general formulae : AS21-0-0, DAP 8-46-0 and MOP 0-0-60

39/3 Moo.3, Tambon Bo-phong, Amphoe Nakhon-luang, Ayutthaya 13260 THAILAND
035 724 335-64
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